“Just like to thank Brian from carbon clean for doing my Clio the other night. Cars been running a bit sluggish recently but since having the engine done car been running a lot smoother. Also noticed the cars idling a lot better and pulling through the gears like it used too.”

SCOTT FLEMING, 12 September 2016 via Facebook

“Transformed my van,Van was sluggish and going into limp mode before having this done.
It now drives a lot better,pulls through the gears as it should without going into limp mode,the engine is also a lot quieter now.
Would definitely use again.”

LEWIS MCKEE, 14 September 2016 via Facebook

“Just a wee update from Stuart since he has no Facebook. I told him to come see u as he has had some issues with his car, due to limp mode faults for months now. He said the car is running great and it feels like a new engine. He cant believe the change it has made and it has sorted all limp mode faults. Great service and will be highly recommended 👍”

SCOTT ‘SCOOT’ SOMMERVILLE, 07 September 2016 via Facebook

“Great service from Brian and what a difference it has made to my car. Would highly recommend this service,try it and you won’t be disappointed. Car running smoother,getting better mpg and car is a lot more punchy through the gears. Running like a new car. Thanks Hydrogen carbon clean.

KEVIN FLEMING, 22 September 2016 via Facebook

Sharleen Blair reviewed Hydrogen Carbon Clean – 5 star

15 January ·

Recently my partners car went for mot & failed on emissions, got hydrogen carbon clean out & now needless to say the car has passed with flying colours, also called hydrogen carbon clean mid-day on Sunday & he went out his way to come Sunday late afternoon, service & customer care was fantastic, would highly recommend.
Brady Allsop reviewed Hydrogen Carbon Clean – 5 star

28 February ·

Had both my cars done with brian and was very pleased with the outcome, not only on paper but very noticeable once driving again! Top class professional service and would highly recommend it! 5**********
Ann Ross reviewed Hydrogen Carbon Clean – 5 star

17 September at 22:15 ·

I have just spent 3 weeks of totally distrusting my car, It broke down 6 times twice of which I had to be towed home, I even contacted an Auto Electrician thinking it was a sensor that prevented my Electronic accelerator from working, It would have cost me £50 to get the car uplifted and £48 to put it on a machine to find the fault, £98 before even the repair price. Then a friend said they thought it might be the EGR valve being GUNKED up and to try Hydrogen cleaning, I contacted Brian and he spent 45 minutes putting my car through the process and explaining to me step by step what he was doing and why,, by the time he finished there was no REEK coming out the exhaust and the car was quieter, I took it for a drive and found it had more OOMPH than it had had in a long while. That was 6 days ago and it hasn’t let me down since. It’s driving like a Nippy Wee Sweetie and I thank Brian for coming to my aid and his patience with all my questions. WELL WORTH £90 QUID !!
Ricky Brown reviewed Hydrogen Carbon Clean5 star

3 April


Got my BMW320CI done today, Brian was very informative of what he was going to do, and explained the whole process to me. Done emissions test before, during and after process was completed, I could visibly see the difference on the readings, I haven’t given the car a good drive yet, but it definitely sounds better and quieter. I would definitely recommend Brian and his service to anyone looking to have this done. Thanks again Brian ��

Top class service. Brian knows his stuff and car running like a dream. Many thanks. Wife’s car next for sure.

Wow. I had my 2006 Mini Cooper with 94k on the clock cleaned by Brian today. Immediately notice quieter idling, faster throttle response and around town the fuel economy has increased, Motorway miles will be interesting as the car was returning 42 mpg and running at 3000 rpm to achieve 70mph. On a run at motorway speed I have noticed the revs sitting at about 2900. Extremely pleased with the outcome of the clean. Thanks Brian.
Konrad Mirek recommends Hydrogen Carbon Clean.

Highly recommended. Brain explained everything to me, how it works and what to expect after cleaning. Engine is quiter and runs smoother. Also consumption of petrol is lower than before.

Dan Henderson recommends Hydrogen Carbon Clean.

highly recommend this service I had my mk5 golf 1.4 tsi done and seen some incredible differences before and after the lumpyness on idle has disappeared the engine noice is alot quieter and I’m seing almost 10mpg more than I was. not to mention the help I received with my EML light all in all a great service and exelent value for what I received.

a month ago

My VW Golf GTi mk6 (70k Miles) had its first Carbon Clean thanks to Brian…and what a difference it made!!

Response is now sharper, acceleration is smoother, and engine runs quieter.

Not only was my car de-carboned….but a full and comprehensive diagnostic check was carried out using Brian’s scanner…all included in his reasonable fee!

All in all it’s like driving a newer car!

Extremely pleased with Brian’s service, his knowledge and his friendliness.

Thanks again!!



4 months ago

Big thank you to brian for a quick short notice job on my range rover sport tdv8 . Car was a bit sluggish so after a trip to brian’s the improvments were noticable straight away , smoother tick over , smooth up the the auto box and drives a dream plus improved mpg , so this is a highly recommended service well worth the money … thank you

Jim Reid.          Thanks for the great job on my bmw 5 series. 88k miles and EGR fault I thought it best to try a carbon clean out as well. It’s made a huge difference. The car is quieter from cold start. It is running smoother. The acceleration is improved and I clocked an average 55+mpg on a run. The car wasn’t getting near that in recent months.
In my opinion, this is money well spent as part of routine maintenance. I highly recommend this process and Brian explains how the process breaks down the carbon. In my case, the ERG was too far gone, but even before it was replaced the car was running much better after the hydrogen Carbon Clean